HTTP Prompt Documentation

HTTP Prompt is an interactive command-line HTTP client featuring autocomplete and syntax highlighting, built on HTTPie and prompt_toolkit.

See it in action:



  • Support for advanced HTTPie syntax, e.g, field=@file.json
  • Support for cURL command and raw format preview
  • Improve autocomplete
  • Python syntax evaluation
  • HTTP/2 support

User Support

We’d love to hear more from our users! Please use the following channels for bug reports, feature requests, and questions:


Are you a developer and interested in contributing to HTTP Prompt? See Contributor Guide.


  • HTTPie: for designing such a user-friendly HTTP CLI
  • prompt_toolkit: for simplifying the work of building an interactive CLI
  • Parsimonious: for the PEG parser used by this project
  • pgcli: for the inspiration of this project
  • Contributors: for improving this project